Thunderbird on the mac

Just got this in Thunderbird, i had to restart to make it go away:

Overall i’m not too happy with Thunderbird on Mac, the whole app just feels very Linuxy (is that a word? if not just remember you read it here first!) and there are a few display bugs that make it just slightly annoying to use every now and then. Not that i’m considering switching though, been there done that. It’s just that it interrupts the overall smoothness of my mac experience. For those that don’t use mac, well … i don’t expect you to understand so i won’t bother explaining it … those that do use it - you get my grip !

Same goes for Firefox btw, i’m still using Safari wherever i can. The new 2.0 did not impress me at all, at least on windows it freezes way more than 1.5 ever did.

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