The internet is a series of tubes.

Going through my usual late friday evening series of Jon-Stewart-bashing-George-Bush clips, i came across this gem , where US senator Ted Stevens tries to explain how the internet works. He should know ofcourse, as he's the head of the E-Commerce Committee ... you know, the entity that is supposed to regulate the internet usage in the US !


Yesterday, one of my (French) colleagues came over to my desk for a chat.

Him : "Have you read any of the books from Aurélie?"
Me : "I haven’t actually , are they any good ? Never heard about the writer either."
Him : "What?? You have never heard of Aurélie? That’s impossible, everybody reads them, they are very popular !!"
Me : "Nope, never heard of it" - thinking it must be one of those French things.

Wanting to prove his point, he told me to go to their website and see for myself. So I launched Firefox and hit alt-L.

Me : a .. u .. r .. e .. l .. i.. e , hold on, is it with i-e or just y at the end ?
Him : Ah non, it’s spelled o..r..e..i..l..l..y
Me : <chuckle> … <grin>