Eclipse 3.3 + Mac = crash ?

So I downloaded Eclipse 3.3 for Mac today, in an effort to upgrade my (aging) powerbook development environment. I haven't been doing much development lately, but got inspired by a cool OSS project I've been using lately. Their integrated maven2 support could do with a revamp me thinks, so I plan to have a deeper look at its integration layer and see if there is anything I can do to vamp it up a little (support for profiles, settings.xml etc - but I digress).

So after having tar-x-z-vf'ed the download package, I fire up Finder, double click the Eclipse logo and get presented with this instead of the new funky Europa splash screen:

No biggie me thinks. This is the most anticipated Eclipse release crashing on the most stable and expertly-used development platform, ergo Google must be full of helpful links right.

Not so.

Installing Release 5 of Java for Mac OS X 10.4 did the trick.

Indeed, looking at Eclipse's own readme.html (always the last place to look for any seasoned developer) I can see now:

Adium connection errors

If Adium has been failing for you lately with "Could not send; a connection error occurred.", look here and here. Rumour is that M$ tweaked their IM protocol, breaking all clients that rely on things like this to implement connectivity with their MSN servers.

There are a few workarounds for the moment, one being to disable cryptographic extensions, another one being to disable connectivity over HTTP to the MSN server. YMMV though from what i've gathered on some mailing lists. Your best bet is to wait until Pidgin incorporates the protocol change so that downstream clients like Adium will work again without change.

Toyota integrates iPod

Looks like we finally might be able to do away with all those CD cases in our car !

I'll hold off buying one though until I've read some real-life user feedback on this, as I'm not up to date at all with any of this high-tech car hifi widgetry !