Eclipse 3.3 + Mac = crash ?

So I downloaded Eclipse 3.3 for Mac today, in an effort to upgrade my (aging) powerbook development environment. I haven't been doing much development lately, but got inspired by a cool OSS project I've been using lately. Their integrated maven2 support could do with a revamp me thinks, so I plan to have a deeper look at its integration layer and see if there is anything I can do to vamp it up a little (support for profiles, settings.xml etc - but I digress).

So after having tar-x-z-vf'ed the download package, I fire up Finder, double click the Eclipse logo and get presented with this instead of the new funky Europa splash screen:

No biggie me thinks. This is the most anticipated Eclipse release crashing on the most stable and expertly-used development platform, ergo Google must be full of helpful links right.

Not so.

Installing Release 5 of Java for Mac OS X 10.4 did the trick.

Indeed, looking at Eclipse's own readme.html (always the last place to look for any seasoned developer) I can see now:

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