Don’t these people have anything better to do than to make funny videos mocking my name ? ;-)

I emailed Brett Novak (the author of the original video) just for the fun of it to see what’s up, here’s what he had to say:


Good question. The name is actually referencing the characters name,
which is Jorg, which has been his name for the past 2 videos hes been
in. The name originally came up completely randomly when we were
filmin the first video. No real fantastic story to it - just figured
no one else really had that name - which apparently wasnt quite the
truth :) .

We actually had one other guy threaten to sue us and such since his
last name was Jorg. I had to slowly explain to this man that that
wouldnt legally be possible and that the reality is to - get over it.


But if it makes you feel any better - It actually was named after you :)


Brett Novak is one cool guy isn’t he !

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