Switching mail clients for the fun of it !

After having switched from Thunderbird to Entourage about 6 months ago, then from Entourage to Apple Mail 2 months after that I can now officially say that there honestly is no better email client out there than Thunderbird ! You guessed it, i switched back to Thunderbird over the weekend and my god it’s good to be back !

Looking back, the one feature i was really (and i mean REALLY) missing from both Entourage and Mail.app was the hierarchical threaded view. Both of them can separate one thread from another allright, but when it comes to keeping the thread hierarchy (i.e. being able to see who replied to what) they just go numb and show you the whole thread in a flat layout. Thunderbird shows you a nicely indented overview of all posts and you can see exactly who replied to what.

One other thing l missed having was decent newsgroup support. I really only care for news.gmane.org as that’s where I manage most of my ASF subscriptions. Initially Entourage didn’t work with this server because of some obscure LISTGROUP command it was using. It was only after the gmane admins kindly implemented my request that it started working. Oh and Mail.app doesn’t have newsgroup support at all !

The upside of all this mailbox converting and moving is that i have removed and cleaned out a lot of old mail in the process, reducing my total folder size from about 1GB to less than 400MB, which in turn saves a bit of time when super-dupering my important files to my Terastation. So all in all it wasn’t a useless exercise after all !

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