OsterFelder 2007

Just like in 2004, I participated in the OsterFelder Berglauf again this year. This is such a great event that I'm really considering making it a yearly tradition with my good running buddy Thomas (he's the guy on the left, picture taken before the run - notice that I'm still smiling!).

For those of you that don't really know what a mountain run is I can explain this really simple in 2 steps:

  1. Find a mountain similar to the one below (in Belgium this is actually the hardest part!)

  2. Run to the top as fast as you can, sort of like me here:
I had planned to take my new TZ3 during the run and shoot some pictures along the way but decided against it shortly before the start. It's quite a hassle carrying the camera in-hand whilst running, I didn't have a special pouch for it. Also, people tend to throw away all ballast when low on energy and mental strength - didn't want to risk anything ;-)

I ended up finishing in 1h53m15s, a big improvement over my previous 2h16m25s! After the finish we still sat for an hour or so just to enjoy the view and superb weather.

You can find the complete Flickr photoset here.

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